Black Members

Black members in UNISON play a key role in winning equality in the workplace,
actively challenge racism wherever it is found, and are at the forefront of UNISON's organising work. As black members in UNISON we work together to win positive change in the workplace. The more of us that are actively involved the stronger we become.

News and comment

Challenging racist myths and lies leaflet

Public services are for everyone

When times are tough we need good local public services more than ever. They help people back into work, help give our children the best start in life and help care for our sick and elderly.

Our world-class public services are there for everyone. And we rely on people of all different races, religion and backgrounds to deliver them.

In UNISON we speak up against racism in the workplace – and in the community.

You can find the 'Challenging racist myths and lies leaflet here...

20 years of Black Self Organisation in UNISON

Black Members Conference 2013 Newsletter20 years on, we're still going strong. 20 years of Black Self Organisation in UNISON.

UNISON National Black Members' Conference 2013
The UNISON National Black Members' Conference takes place from 2.00pm Friday 18th January to 12.30pm Sunday 20th January 2013 at Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield.

Download the conference newsletter here...




Tackling Racism – Yes we can – Ishrt Raouf
(Active Magazine Summer edition 2014)

Read it here...

How to get involved

If you are interested in joining the Regional Black Members Group or would like information on any of the vacant posts below please complete the delegate form here
( Download the WORD form here... Word logoor print this out and send it back to the Y&H Region pdf logo)

Current Regional Black Members Team

Officer Posts
Chair: Magda Lezama
Vice Chair: Ishrt Raouf
Regional Representation
Regional Council: Ishrt Raouf & Phil Jonas

Regional Committee: Evelyn Beckley & Quadeer Abbas

Regional Service Groups                                               
Water, Environment & Transport: Aniqa Hashmi
Police: Mohammed Rauf
Higher Education: Toheed Raza
Health: Quadeer Abbas
Labour Link: Quadeer Abbas

National Representation                         

Black Members Conference Jan 2017: Mohammed Nawaz

TUC Black Members Forum: Evelyn Beckley
TUC Black Members Conference: John Campbell


I have attached the nomination form if anyone would like to stand for the remaining posts please send to me by Monday 8th February 5pm.

Officer Posts
Budget Co-ordinator – 1 Post

Regional Service Groups                                              1 Delegate to each
Local Government

Self Organised Groups in UNISON

You can find out about the other SOGs in the Yorkshire & Humberside Region here...