U<27: Young Members in UNISON

Young Members in UNISON

If you are not already a member of UNISON we want you to join our winning team. Why? Because working together means we can:

  • make a positive difference to your pay, conditions, and workplace
  • support each other when things go wrong at work
  • build a more effective union that gets things done

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Get active in UNISON... Your handy guide

Young Members

Thank you for being a UNISON member and being part of an organisation that is attracting young people into membership in record numbers. UNISON has around 63,000 young members but what we need are more young members who are active in our union and have a voice in their workplace. That’s why we are writing to all young members in Yorkshire & Humberside to offer you the opportunity to get involved.

A young member in UNISON is someone who is under 27 years of age and our records are showing that you fit this category. Please read this handy guide to find out more about the union and how you can get involved.


Developing Apprentices in UNISON



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